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Impact Construction Equipment supplies a wide range of plant hire attachments for sale at affordable rates for projects in Melbourne and Victoria.

At Impact Construction Equipment, we take pride in the quality and performance of our versatile range of plant hire attachments for sale, including excavator bucket attachments, skid steer attachments, compaction plates, hydraulic breakers and rammers. This level of quality is created by a culture of hard work and honesty among the team here at Impact Construction Equipment. We aim to be the best plant hire attachment sales company in Melbourne and Victoria, and that means treating our customers as “not just a number.” We aim to provide not only a wide range of attachment sale choices but also expert and professional advice on your project and how our products can serve your project best.


For all your attachment sales and service advice, contact Impact Construction Equipment.

Our selection of plant hire attachments for sale.

Excavator Buckets for Sale.

At Impact Construction Equipment, we always ensure that we supply you with the right excavator bucket attachments for sale for your project. Whether you are wanting an excavator bucket designed for demolition, for log grabbing, for sieving rocks from sand and more, we have the right excavator bucket attachment for sale.


Hydraulic Breaker Attachments for Sale.

When you need a powerful tool that can smash through tough rock and stone, Impact Construction Equipment offers our clients in Melbourne and Victoria our diverse range of hydraulic breaker attachments for sale. Available for plant hire large and small, from 0.8 tonne machines up to 55 tonne excavators, we have the right hydraulic breaker attachment for sale for every job.


Tilting Mud Buckets for Sale.

Like the standard mud bucket, but with the added strength benefit of a hydraulic tilting system, Impact Construction Equipment’s range of tilting mud buckets for sale are strong, robust and powerful, capable of delivering working from 1.7 tonne mini excavators up to 30 tonne excavators.


Hydraulic Grapple Buckets for Sale.

Our hydraulic grapple buckets are designed to work in the harshest of conditions throughout Melbourne and Victoria to fulfil any job requirements with ease. We have a variety of grapple buckets for sale that can be fitted on excavators anywhere from 2.5 tonnes all the way up to 30 tonnes.


Hydraulic Thumb Attachments for Sale.

With a hydraulic thumb attachment, you can transform your excavator from a purely digging machine into a material handling, land clearing and site clean-up machine. The perfect tool for enhancing an excavator’s versatility quickly and efficiently, our hydraulic thumbs are robust and strong enough to handle the harshest construction environments.


Sieve Buckets for Sale.

Sieve buckets allow for picking up debris above a certain size such as rocks and branches, while allowing smaller debris, such as sand, soil and leaves to pass through. Perfect for site clean up operations in Melbourne, Geelong, Carrum Downs, Melton and beyond, Impact Construction Equipment provides you with several sieve bucket options, with varying hole sizes and carrier compatibility.


Skid Steer Loader Attachments for Sale.

Impact Construction Equipment supplies a variety of skid steer loader attachments for sale, such as pallet forks, for all excavation and landscaping projects throughout Melbourne, Melton, Geelong and Victoria. No matter what type of project you need a skid steer for, Impact Construction Equipment can give you some extra versatility when you need it.


Aluminium Loading Ramps for Sale.

When you need to transport excavators and posi-track bobcats to your Melbourne, Carrum Downs or Geelong project, our aluminium loading ramps for sale allow for easy loading and off-loading of machinery on-site. Made from high structural grade aluminium, our loading ramps can hold anywhere from 3 tonne capacity to 6 tonne capacity.


Compaction Plates, Rollers and Rammers for Sale.

From remote controller trench rollers, vibrating trench rammers to compaction plates, Impact Construction Equipment has perfect compaction machine available for your next project. With a wide range of applications, from confined trenches compaction in Melton to large backfill compaction jobs in Geelong, our varied types of compaction equipment and compaction attachments are the most effective means of compaction for vertical and horizontal surfaces in Melbourne and Victoria.


Impact Construction Equipment’s selection of attachments for sale means we can help you with  any project in Melbourne and Victoria.

Our staff are always on hand to provide our customers with the expert advice they need to complete their project to every specification. If you need the right attachment sales choice for your project and any projects beyond, contact us today. If you have any questions feels free to use our enquiry form to contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Contact Impact Construction Equipment today for all your attachment sales and service advice for any residential, civil, commercial or industrial project.



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