Buying the Right Excavator Bucket for Your Machine.


The options can seem limitless when it comes to purchasing the right excavator bucket for your machine and the extensive selection can leave you confused with what you really need. Using the wrong bucket can lead to lower productivity and fuel efficiency, resulting in significant consequences, while choosing the right bucket attachment to suit your excavator specification can help to maintain maximum productivity.

But with all these choices, which one should you purchase? An excavator designed for demolition? For log grabbing? For sieving rocks and sand? And what about the brand of excavator. A Caterpillar? Komatsu? Hitachi? 

We have compiled these tips to help you in buying the right excavator bucket.


1.    The Bucket Application

The first step in deciding on which bucket to use should be based around what application the bucket will be used for. Two primary types of buckets to choose from are heavy-duty buckets and severe-duty buckets. Heavy-duty buckets are the most common as they work in a wide variety of soil conditions, including sand, silt, shale, clay and gravel. Severe-duty buckets are best suited for handling abrasive materials as the buckets themselves are manufactured with abrasion-resistant material for added strength and protection.

Key Tip – An operator should refer to the excavator’s load chart to understand the machine's capability.

2.    Suiting Your Digging Needs

Trenching, ditching and angle-tilt buckets are just some of the primary bucket types for excavators.

  • Trenching buckets can dig narrow, deep trenches and are highly durable.
  • Ditching buckets are engineered for work on ditch maintenance, slope work, and more, with a wider, deeper profile for smooth operation in sand and clay.
  • Angle-tilt buckets are very versatile allowing the user to tilt the bucket in the direction needed. This bucket is perfect for grading and levelling work.

Ensuring the excavator bucket you are purchasing matches your digging needs is vital in making sure the job is completed properly.

3.    The Bucket Quality

It is important to do research on the quality of the bucket you want to purchase as the quality of the bucket can impact on its wear life and effectiveness.

The construction and material of the excavator bucket is a major criteria as this will determine the strength. The materials used in the casting process and the types of moulds used, will determine the strength of the teeth and how long they will last. The strength of the teeth will also determine how effective the penetration. If the tooth has a large width or blunt surface, extra power from the excavator is needed to penetrate, leading to more fuel usage and more stress on all parts of the machine. Higher quality buckets will also have higher impact resistance and will withstand penetrating shocks in rocky environments.

4.    Customisation Options

Buckets also have the ability to be customized with different types of teeth, side cutters, different shapes and additional guarding. If you’re planning on switching out attachments often, purchasing buckets with universal quick couplers allows the switch out of attachments to be fast and easy. If this is something you may need, it should also be taken into consideration when purchasing the right excavator bucket.

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