Buying the Right Hydraulic Breaker for Your Machine


With an ever-increasing number of options when it comes to selecting a new hydraulic breaker, it can be tough to decide which is the best for your particular worksite. This particular market has made significant strides in the past few years, which has enabled consumers more choices of brands and models that can suit the work required.

Hydraulic technologies have been on a rapid incline and have included industry-first advancements that can not only optimise breaking efficiency but can also reduce operating costs in mining and aggregate applications. However, you might have greater success and greater longevity with a particular hydraulic breaker if the breaker is tailor-made to the specific task. 

This is why these following tailor-made steps have been comprised to make selecting the right hydraulic breaker a breeze.


1.    Match the breaker to the project

The old philosophy of just attaching a bigger breaker to your existing excavator certainly doesn’t guarantee better outcomes for your project. When it comes to the various materials needed to be broken down, selecting the breaker that will best suit the work required is ideal.

2. Choosing the right breaker for the job

To increase the longevity of your particular breaker, utilising the breaker for the correct task that needs to be executed will certainly increase its life. As an example, contrary to the opinion of many industry experts, the blunt tool is by far the best way to breakdown oversized materials. This is due to the blunt tool’s superior positioning and transmission of shockwaves. 

3. Avoid blank firing

One of the most damaging actions that a hydraulic breaker can undertake is blank firing. In recent years, many manufacturing companies have made significant strides in trying to reduce blank firing. One of these technological improvements includes blank-fire protection that aims to create a hydraulic cushion at the base of the cylinder bore to dampen the movement of the piston. This also coincides with protecting the hammer from metal-to-metal contact, which can increase the wear of various components. If you are looking to increase the life of your hydraulic breaker, look at breakers with blank-firing technology.

4. Make protective housing a priority

Researching which hydraulic breaker to buy can be a tedious task but is worth the investment. Choosing one that includes an enclosed break design is also vital. This design includes the breaker cradled inside a protective casing, which further increases the longevity of the breaker. The benefits of having an enclosed breaker include reduced noise preventing dust and debris from entering the breaker as well as protecting the power cell.

5. Insist on auto-adjusting impact

Being able to adjust the hydraulic breakers stroke enables the operator to change the frequency depending on the material that needs breaking. Being able to automatically increase the variable speed by using sensors that change the speed depending on the material hardness is a major positive. These sensors also adjust the impact energy and striking rate, which reduces harmful energy back to the user. By selecting a hydraulic breaker that has automatic variable speed will increase productivity as well as profitability.

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